A new space for Terra Madre 2022 where we’ll focus on the links between the youth, tourism and agriculture.

The meetings and activities here are an opportunity to see the world of food through the eyes of younger generations, listening to their voices and giving value to their experiences.

In the Youth, Tourism, Agriculture space we’ll also explore the links between tourism and agriculture from different points of view, without forgetting, of course, tastings!

Youth and food, from the cities to the countryside

What contribution can younger generations make to the revival of peripheral areas in cities? The regeneration of the periphery is fundamental for social equity and the provision of spaces of culture and inclusion for the young people in these areas. These melting pots of knowledge and tradition can experiment with one form of regeneration through gastronomic fusion. While in the countryside, the way we grow food influences the entire food system, and today more than ever our food producers are suffering the consequences of environmentally-damaging practices. But there’s a solution: from South America to Europe, young farmers show how an agroecological approach can make the difference.

Presenting the Slow Food Youth Network

The Slow Food Youth Network is active in several countries around the world—this is your chance to find about their ambitions and projects. Youth from across Italy exchange their stories, experiences and ideas to build the future of food, with guests from the Slow Food Youth Network worldwide.

Slow Food Travel

The Val di Funes in South Tyrol, Marktplatz Mittelkaernten in Carinthia, Austria, and the Caucasus Mountains of Azerbaijan: Discover all the news and details on these projects to develop the potential of these places as destinations for sustainable tourism. This is also an opportunity to learn about the initiatives that Slow Food is developing around the world to encourage dialog between the world of tourism and good, clean and fair food.

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