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Keep track of what’s going on in all of the Terra Madre event spaces, minute by minute! You can follow two main routes through Parco Dora, depending on whether you come in through the Mortara entrance or the Borgaro Alta entrance.

Everything will be much clearer once we have published the detailed event map, scheduled to be online in mid-September. For now, here’s an overview of the main event spaces, programs for which have been defined in detail.

Enjoy your trip!

Mortara entrance (by the stop for bus #72)

Casa Slow Food, Slow Food Editore, Slow Food Garden

Welcome, one and all, to Casa Slow Food! This space is dedicated to our movement, which is active in 160 countries. Delegates from all over the world will gather at Terra Madre to present and discuss Slow Food projects. At Casa Slow Food, you can become a member of Slow Food, participate in tastings, attend presentations, and purchase Slow Food merchandise, as well as all kinds of new and interesting books from our publishing house, Slow Food Editore.

Connected to this space you will find the Slow Food Garden, which is organized in many different sections, each dedicated to a different aspect of agroecology and designed to give visitors an opportunity to dive into different themes, topics, including composting, closed systems, biodiversity, green manure, pollinator-friendly flowers, water management, and seedlings, not to mention all the pieces of equipment that agroecological growers use, from scarecrows to insect boxes and much more! To see the complete description and calendar of events, click here!

Feeding the City, Slow Travel

Feeding the City, a unique area dedicated to urban ecosystems and food policies, is a space for exchanging experiences and creative solutions. Here, we illustrate the projects that cities in Italy and abroad are implementing to reduce their environmental impact, become more inclusive, and create a holistic vision for the future of food policies and the role of cities in the transition toward ecological sustainability.

The Slow Travel space is an area in which to explore a new idea of tourism, one that we are turning into a reality with the Slow Travel project, which already includes numerous destinations. Slow Travel provides people with an opportunity to immerse themselves in places where food production that respects nature is regenerating territories and providing new economic prospects to local communities by putting them at the center of sustainable tourism. In the program of events schedules for this space, we will show you how to reduce the impact of tourism without sacrificing the beauty and comfort of travel.

Adjacent to these spaces you’ll find stands of some of the major event partners, including Iren, Bormioli, and the Lavazza airstream.

Terra Madre by night

Terra Madre’s evening space is open until 11:30 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, September 26-29, and until 6:00 p.m. on Monday, September 30. You’ll find the Terra Madre by Night space near the Mortata entrance, where you must be sure not to miss every opportunity to indulge your senses and appetites at the Streed Food vendors, Food Trucks, and Craft Breweries.

This space will also include areas for the night owls among our partners!

  • QBA, the Quality Beer Academy, will have beers on tap and will host events dedicated to the international brewing scene and Beer&Food pairing.
  • Pastificio di Martino will have cook up delicious pastas for you to try, all made from 100% Italian wheat.
  • BBBell is an obligatory stop for those who need to charge their smart phones and tablets, take advantage of free Wi-Fi while savoring a snack or two, or anyone who just wants to have a good time!

If you’re a lover of fin tobacco, don’t miss the Amici di Toscano Club, which will host tasting events featuring cigars.

Fiat Ironworks – from Borgaro Alta (tram #9) and Mortara (bus #72) entrances

nternational Spaces, Agroecology Space, Art Show, Escape Room, Slow Food Coffee Coalition Space

The international heart of Terra Madre awaits you under the big canopy at the heart of Parco Dora, where the Fiat ironworks stripping shed once stood:

  • The International Market will host Presidia from around the world and large exhibition spaces dedicated to countries and regions from Japan to the Philippines, Saudi Arabia to North Macedonia, and Carinthia to Araba-Álava.
  • In the interactive Agroecology Space, you can learn about what agroecological farms are and how they work holistically to regenerate long-term soil fertility, construct healthy agroecosystems, and secure fair livelihoods. See the full description here!
  • Right next door you’ll find the Art Show that Slow Food has created in partnership with Paratissima and with support from Compagnia di San Paolo. The works shown here were selected to help us reflect on the complex and often contradictory reality of our food system and to inspire creative solutions.
  • If you want to try your hand at a participatory game that will test your smarts, come by the Escape Room, which is part of the Beautifood project. This space is designed to entertain you with a series of stimulating games that will inspire you to think critically about current issues facing food systems, and to elicit suggestions from the public about how to build a better model for the future.
  • There will also be a large space dedicated to the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, the international network that unites key players in the coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers. This is the place to come for a coffee experience unlike any you’ve had before, one in which you won’t just taste coffee, but learn what it means to enjoy coffee that is good for us, clean for the environment, and fair for those who produce it.

We Care for Nature, Arenas, University of Gastronomic Sciences

  • The act of caring is a fundamental part of the story of forests, meadows, and mountain pastures that Slow Food tells in the We Care for Nature. This is not a pristine wild forest or isolated meadow, but a place of relationships between humans and other living things, a place where we can play our part in nature as stewards and guardians of delicate mountain ecosystems, often with the help of domesticated animals. With this space, our intention is to show how caring for nature can contribute to the regeneration of highland territories and true wellbeing for the communities that live in them. Read the full description here!
  • This year, the Terra Madre Arenas honor two figures who have played a vitally important role for Slow Food and for our relationship with nature as a whole: Sergio Staino and Joannah Stutchbury are the two remarkable people chosen to represent our movement’s commitment to the future. The Arenas will host many of the conferences and talks scheduled for this edition of Terra Madre. Take a look at the complete description and calendar of events for the Joannah Stuchbury Arena and the Sergio Staino Arena.
  • Your Next Arena, created with support from Reale Mutua, is a space to discuss the myriad ways in which our health in linked to the way we eat. This area is dedicated to the voices of the Slow Food Youth Network and the many other young people who participated in the Terra Madre Preview in May.
  • Continuing with the theme of youth, the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo will have its own space where it will host an exciting program of breakfasts, themed aperitivos, debates, and tastings, all of them featuring UNISG students, faculty, and some of the thousands of alumni from the Pollenzo campus and the former Colorno. These graduates have demonstrated an unwavering belief in the value of UNISG and have woven their skills, knowledge, and dedication into the fabric of international gastronomy.

S.Bernardo, official sponsor of Slow Food Italia and the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance, will have a stand below the main canopy at the former stripping shed in the center of Parco Dora.

The Buyers Lounge will be reserved for the reception of national and international operators.

Cooks’ Alliance Kitchen, Enoteca

In this itinerary, we point out just a few of the many tasting events that will take place at Terra Madre.

  • The Cooks’ Alliance Kitchen will provide an area for chefs from throughout Italy and the world to prepare their culinary creations. Cooks take center stage in this space so that you can observe their work up close.
  • The Slow Wine Coalition’s Enoteca is the space dedicated to inclusive and collaborative international projects and themes featuring winemakers, wine enthusiasts, and professionals from every link in the wine supply chain. The Enoteca is also Terra Madre’s main lounge area, ready to welcome you to Parco Dora with a glass of wine and a place to relax.

All the Taste Workshops offered at the Cooks’ Alliance Kitchen, the Wine Hall at the Enoteca, and in other locations throughout Turin are bookable online at this link.

Borgaro Alta entrance (by the stop for the #9 tram)

Terra Madre Market

The Terra Madre Market has always been the beating heart of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, and this year is no different. It is the primary meeting place for thousands of visitors and producers from around the world and a window into the extraordinary gastronomic diversity of all the five continents. The Terra Madre Market welcomes more than 600 producers of everything from breads to cured meats, dairy products to fish and seafood, all of whom are examples of a balanced relationship with the rhythms and resources of nature. There will be, unsurprisingly, a very large delegation of Italian Presidia producers (LINK) brining biodiversity from every corner of the country to Turin.

There will be dedicated spaces for all of Italy’s regions, along with the Republic of San Marino, which has been a constant presence at Slow Food events in recent years.

The vast Terra Madre Market will also host stands dedicated to Demeter—a main event partner—and many of its certified biodynamic producers; and to Parmigiano Reggiano.

We draw your attention particularly to the areas for our hosts: Piedmont will be well represented with many producers and the Piedmont Region, along with the City of Turin, Turismo Torino e Provincia, and the Turin Chamber of Commerce, a main event partner whose stand will feature the Maestri del Gusto (“Masters of Taste”) from the city and province of Turin.

Slow Food thematic networks

If you arrive at Terra Madre through the Borgaro Alta entrance, your first encounter will be with some of the Slow Food thematic networks, which will welcome you to the event with stories of their history, practices, and ongoing work conducted in harmony with nature. Slow Olive, Slow Grains, Slow Mays, and Slow Beans represent varied ways of cultivating relationships with the land based on attention to and respect for nature. We present these networks together in a single space because, as different as the crops and products that they promote may be, they are all animated by a shared spirit and common commitments: to nature, biodiversity, and the wellbeing of humans and the environment alike. Read the full description here!

Beyond Parco Dora… Events throughout the city

Parco Dora is not the only site for Terra Madre 2024: Other exciting venues throughout Turin will host various events, including Dinner Dates and Off-Menu Dinners.

  • The Environment Park, just next to Parco Dora, will have a rich program of events for the public and will also host meetings of the network. These will be published as soon as possible. The Snos rooms will also be dedicated to network meetings.
  • The Lavazza Museum will host Taste Workshops dedicated to coffee.
  • At Eataly Torino Lingotto, you’ll find a wide variety of Taste Workshops and Dinner Dates.
  • Additional Dinner Dates will be held at Cascina Fossata and Villa La Maggiorana.

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Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is organized by Slow Food, the City of Turin and the Piedmont Region. Join us in Parco Dora, Turin, from Thursday, September 26 to Monday, September 30, 2024, and explore how food can restore our relationship with nature. #TerraMadre2024

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