During the Slow Wine Fair we’ll be hosting a series of guided tastings of the some of the most prestigious appellations in the world.

We’ll explore wines of exceptional quality with renowned professionals. Among the Masterclasses, those on March 28 and 29 have been designed in close collaboration with Società Excellence.

Because of this partnership the level of tastings on offer at the Slow Wine Fair has few equals in Italy: we have three tastings dedicated to Burgundy, one to Champagne, one to Bordeaux and one to the Grosses Gewächs of Germany.

Three trips to Burgundy

From the Premier Crus of Mersault – with a taste of some of the best-suited terroir as translated by some of the finest local vignerons – to those of Nuits-Saint-Georges, the heartland of Pinot Noir that you’ll explore through a guided tasting of seven wines in different vintages. Then we have Morey-Saint-Denis, the most kaleidoscopic appellation of the Côte de Nuits, to discover some more Pinot Noirs with a truly extraordinary range of aromas.

From Bordeaux to Champagne

Among the terroirs of Bordeaux we take a weaving path between the Deuxieme Crus, the wines of those châteaux whose vineyards represent the penultimate summit of the appellation, and discover the different accents that the terroirs of Bordeaux imprint on their respective wines. In Champagne, on the other hand, we explore the very best of the region with the Cuvée de Prestige, made with the best grapes of each individual winery and with a long period of rest on lees before disgorgement. In this masterclass we’ll sample nimble yet layered wines as well as vinous, deep and powerful product. An unmissable event made exclusively for 100 participants.

In Germany, from Mosel to Franconia

Moving over to Germany we discover the GG, or Grosses Gewächs, tasting a series of Rieslings from GG vineyard parcels from some of finest terroirs in Germany, including: Mosel, Reno, Pfalz, Nahe, Rheinhessen and Franconia. A journey to explore the different inflections that this grape variety expresses in different regions, and as many styles of vinification.

Last but not least…

Last but not least, on Sunday, March 27 we have three Masterclasses that explore some of the most renowned Italian terroir as well as new frontiers of the wine world, from Latin America to China.

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