Joannah Stutchbury Arena

At Terra Madre 2024, we remember Joannah Stutchbury, the environmentalist and activist who committed years of her life to protecting Kenya’s forests and was killed for her efforts in defense of nature.

Dedicated to Joannah’s memory and all that she stood for, one of the Arenas at this year’s event will provide a space for exchanges and dialogues centered on nature.

Per Joannah Stutchbury e per tutti i custodi delle foreste

Joannah Stutchbury was a passionate, courageous woman who spoke out against land grabbers and private developers who were invading the Kiambu forest near Nairobi, Kenya. In 2018, a photo of Joannah sitting in the bucket of an excavator to stop it destroying hectares of that precious forest made headlines. Despite receiving multiple death threats, she fought alone, without protection from the police. On July 15, 2021, Joannah was shot to death for her courage and her fight. This Arena is dedicated to her and to all forest guardians.

Nature and…

Conferences and other events in this space will address the relationships between:

  • Nature and climate: What are the effects of global warming on the natural world? What are the consequences of the climate crisis for ecosystems? How can we fight climate change?
  • Nature and consciousness: Where does consciousness reside? Is it exclusive to the human race, or can we find its traces in other beings and other branches of the great tree of life?
  • Nature and education: How can we teach and learn from the younger generations to cultivate a new way of being in the world, one in which we recognize and respect the Earth’s limits and create a better future for ourselves?
  • Nature and women: Our social lives are characterized by excessive androcentrism, and we have lost sight of more womanly mode of being, with its profound ecological awareness and connection to the essential processes of life. How can we forge a new relationship with nature based on maternal care?
  • Nature and biodiversity: Biodiversity is an expression of life’s exuberance, and it is our insurance for the future. But it is disappearing rapidly, and we are largely to blame. Our impact on the planet is now having effects comparable to those of the most significant changes in the Earth’s long history. How can we mitigate the catastrophe of biodiversity loss and make peace with nature?

And in the many other scheduled events…

Una nota sulla fruizione

Tutte le conferenze e gli appuntamenti dell’Arena sono accessibili gratuitamente, su registrazione. Per prenotare il proprio posto, basta cliccare sul bottone “Registrati” nelle singole schedine degli eventi e lasciare la propria mail. Vi consigliamo di presentarvi 10 minuti prima dell’inizio dell’evento. L’organizzazione si riserva di riassegnare il posto in caso di assenza entro 5 minuti dall’inizio.

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