At Terra Madre 2022 we want to honor the memory of our friend, the surgeon and founder of Emergency, Gino Strada, and his efforts for peace around the world.

We’re dedicating an Arena of the event to him, a space for dialog and exchange where we’ll discuss peace, agriculture, new economies and more.

Gino’s daughter, Cecilia – Director of of the Italian NGO ResQ People Saving People since 2021 – will inaugurate the space with a Food Talk that explores the links between war, migration and poverty.

The event program


At the Gino Strada Arena we’ll discuss pesticides, GMOs, drought, agroecology, economics and the Slow Food projects in place in Italy and around the world. With the help of experts we’ll explore topics like the grain crisis in Ukraine and its impact on Africa and the impact of the pandemic on food sovereignty.

Food Talks

Writers, economists, philosophers, anthropologists, ecologists, educators, together with farmers, herders, fishers and cooks, all offer their vision of the environment, agriculture and the food system… Among the protagonists we welcome Stefano Liberti who talks about how farming is being put to the test by climate crisis, while Chilean farmer and activist Andrea Cisterna Araya explains how she was able to defeat the largest industrial farm in South America.

All the events at the Gino Strada Arena are free; some require registration. You can book your place in the Arena itself. The names of the speakers will be published shortly.

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