The Terra Madre Forums are a space for dialog and reflection, and are one of the pillars of the event for the 2022 edition.

We’ll hear from experts, activists, producers, cooks, farmers and others as they discuss themes around the environment, agriculture, food and sustainability.

The Terra Madre Forums will be held in two different formats this year: the first, more traditional style, with a number of speakers discussing a given topic together; and a new format wherein a facilitator invites the audience to make contributions regarding the topic of the day.

We’ll have Forums in the Gino Strada Arena, the Berta Cáceres Arena, the Food and Health space with Reale Mutua, and the Youth, Tourism and Agriculture space.

Gino Strada Arena

The Arena dedicated to the surgeon and founder of the Emergency NGO becomes the stage for a series of debates around the themes of peace, agriculture, sustainability, pesticides and new economies. For example, in the meeting There is no alternative to agroecology, we’ll discuss an agricultural practice which can guarantee a future by prioritizing biodiversity, the conservation of ecosystems and the traditional knowledge, and needs, of communities.

Berta Cáceres Arena

In the space dedicated to the indigenous activist tragically murdered for her struggle to defend the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the environment, we’ll hear from protagonists from the Terra Madre Indigenous network, alongside youth and migrants. We’ll also create space to discuss Slow Food thematic networks like the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, Slow Wine Coalition and Slow Fish.

Food and health: open dialog between Slow Food and Reale Mutua

How much impact does our diet have on our health? We’ll investigate in a series of meetings developed for Terra Madre by Slow Food and Reale Mutua. The Forums here explore the relationship between what we eat and our health from numerous points of view.

Youth, Tourism, Agriculture

Meetings and reflections in an area dedicated to young people. We’ll hear their stories and experiences with a special focus on the links between tourism and agriculture.

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