What to eat and drink at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2022? Our food trucks, street kitchens and craft breweries offer something for everyone.

It’s one of the most important questions every visitor ask themselves when planning their visit to the world’s largest event dedicated to good, clean and fair food: What exactly will they be able to eat and drink when they’re here?

Food Trucks

As usual we have a wide selection of Food Trucks from across Italy with a range of delicious snacks on offer. Three highlights that we’re particularly excited about are:

Scottadito: founded in 2012 by three friends from San Benedetto del Tronto in the Marche region. For the last ten years they’ve been traveling up and down Italy bringing regional specialties from the Marche and Abruzzo to the rest of the country: Olive all’ascolana (in their classic form, as well as versions with truffles or fish), the typical Abruzzese lamb skewers, or arrosticini, and fried fish (anchovies and squid above all) served in a paper cone.

Van Ver Burger at Parco Dora. Photo: Van Ver Burger

Van Ver Burger: a 100% plant-based burger truck from Turin that shows just how dynamic and delicious vegan food can be: where sustainability and succulence are in perfect harmony! From Pasquale and Daniel you can expect high-quality, seasonal and carefully-researched burgers with a range of sauces and buns, all with a low environmental impact that comes at no expense of taste.

Bstradi: focused on fresh, hand-made pasta made according to the finest Emilian tradition and other artisanal, local, seasonal products. BStradi started in Castell’Arquato, in the heart of the Colli Piacentini, by three friends: Angela, Isabella, Susanna. At Terra Madre they’ll be serving typical ricotta-and-spinach tortellini with onion brown butter, or batalàbar, and the classic pisarei e fasö: wheat gnocchi made with borlotti beans, tomato sauce, porcini mushrooms and Gutturnio wine.

Street Kitchens

Our street kitchens are slightly less mobile than our Food Trucks, but they’re just as deserving of nationwide acclaim. Once again, we have offerings from across Italy to sate your appetite, and each one is worth a snack-stop, but for now we’ll highlight just two:

Trapizzino: the most-loved Roman street food has gone from strength to strength in recent years, opening new branches from Turin to New York. And it all started just over 10 years ago in Rome, when pizza-maker Stefano Callegari invented these triangular pizza pockets stuffed with a range of fillings from braised oxtail to Roman-style pork belly and a spicy meat stew called zighinì.

The Bracevia team at Cheese 2021. Photo: Francesca Cirilli

Bracevia: from Abruzzo with love, Agnese and Maurizio started Bracevia in 2005 to showcase the gastronomic excellence of their region across Italy, with a focus on the most classic local snack: arrosticini, or lamb skewers. These are often in different sizes, with different cuts of meat (including liver, for offal-lovers!) and even with chili pepper, for those who want an extra kick.

Craft Breweries

You’ll want something to wash down these tantalizing treats, no doubt: and Terra Madre Salone del Gusto has no shortage of refreshing beverages on offer from a number of Italian craft beer breweries showcasing the enormous progress that the sector has made in recent years. Among them:

Birrificio 61cento: the first craft brewery in their hometown of Pesaro, in the Marche, these four friends—Christian, Roberto, Samuele and Tommaso—went from being beer enthusiasts to beer producers in 2009, with a focusing on “living beers”, made without filtration, pasteurization or the use of preservatives, in styles with both high and low levels of fermentation.

Cane di Guerra: regular guests at Slow Food events since their inception in 2015, this young brewery from Alessandria, Piedmont offers a wide range of beers ranging from more classic styles to experimental brews and the fruits of international collaborations, all made without filtration or pasteurization and according to the highest standards of quality control possible with current technology.

Birra Impavida: this pioneering brewery from Trentino represents the cutting-edge of Italian craft culture, led by two women, Serena and Raimonda with a sharp focus on diversity and sustainability. A diversity of beer styles, and a diversity of people from across the world who’ve contributed to their success. Their malt is GMO-free, their yeast is recycled from the production process and their brewery is powered entirely by renewable energy! But most importantly of all: their beer tastes great!

Cover photo: Scottadito at Slow Fish

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