Food and Health

Our daily food contains the key to our health and well-being.

A healthy diet and active lifestyle are the surest guarantee of a long, healthy life.

Choosing food made with methods that promote agricultural biodiversity and have a low environmental impact: this is one of the actions we can all take to contribute to the health of the planet, and ourselves!

This is the principle that the collaborative project between Slow Food and Reale Mutua is based on. The collaboration has also led to the production of a position paper, Our Food, Our Health, published last spring, and the Food and Health space at Terra Madre.

Food and Health – The exhibition

Do you know how important food is for maintaining good health? How much do you consider the labels of the food you buy? How much time do you spend buying and preparing food? How many high-sugar, high-fat processed foods are there in your diet?

In the exhibition space at Parco Dora you can find lots of food for thought.

Forums and Food Talks – Events at the Food and Health space

Next to the exhibition space is a meeting area with a rich program of Forums and Food Talks where we’ll explore the relationship between food and health from different points of view.

We’ll discuss the differences between pasture-raised cheeses and their industrial imitations; natural charcuterie and cured meat made with nitrites and nitrates; wild and farmed salmon…

We’ll discuss the wonderful world of spontaneous plants, fermentation, and the necessity of protein transition for our health and the planet’s. From cornfields to sports fields we’ll discuss the theme of food and health with players of volleyball, basketball and water polo, too!

Through a collaboration with Giovani Genitori we’ll also explore the world of nutrition for children.

Reale Mutua and Slow Food look forward to welcoming you to the Food and Health space at Parco Dora. All the events are free entry!

The Slow Food Position Paper

Health represents a key value in the Slow Food philosophy, and the organization’s mission of ensuring everyone has access to good, clean and fair food. A diet can be considered “healthy” if, as well as being nutritionally adequate, it also promotes environmental well-being; it should be based on a wide range of plants, preferably local, sustainably-produced and non-processed. And of course, it should be delicious, too!

Our food is our health. Only with biodiversity can we feed the planet.

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