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The king of cured meats: Black pig prosciutto

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Torino, Italy

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September 30th at 11:00 in your time zone


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Black pigs, which have lived in Italy since ancient times, are gaining the prestige they deserve thanks to innovative methods in farming and cured meat production that do full justice to the qualities of the meat from these distinctive animals.

For a long time, black pig breeds remained relatively unknown and seemed destined for extinction, due in part to the fact that they were considered unsuitable for industrial production. Thankfully, the tide is turning, and black pigs are now being raised using innovative methods that allow us to rediscover and exalt the almost-forgotten flavors of the past. In this Taste Workshop, we’ll learn about some of the producers who are working to protect and promote not only black pigs and the traditional products made from their meat, but also biodiversity and gastronomic culture more broadly.

 The tasting line-up

  • Prosciutto from black Sardinian Pigs (this breed is a Slow Food Presidium), made by Rocco Piras, whose company, Birdesu Salumificio Artigianale, grows medicinal herbs in addition to raising Sardinian pigs.
  • Abruzzo black pig prosciutto made by Alessandro Pelini, whose farm lies in the heart of Gran Sasso National Park, and who also produces Castel del Monte Canestrato cheese (Slow Food Presidium).
  • “Ghiandaro,” a unique cured meat made at Salumi Martina Franca with meat from Apulian Black Pigs (this breed is a Slow Food Presidium) finished on acorns from Macedonian oaks, a species whose bark is used for natural smoking.
  • From Salumificio Giocoli in Basilicata, Marsicovetere prosciutto (Ark of Taste), which is distinctive for being cured in the mountains at an elevation of more than 1,000 meters above sea level.

This event is on sale on our website until September 24. During Terra Madre, you can check in with Events Reception to find out if there are still tickets available.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is presented by Slow Food, the City of Turin, and the Piedmont Region. We look forward to seeing you at Parco Dora in Turin from Thursday, September 26 – Monday, September 30. Through food, we can rediscover ourselves as part of nature. #TerraMadre2024.


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Piemonte – Torino - Parco Dora, Parco Dora – Aula Cibo
Ingresso Corso Mortara - Torino (Italy)
GPS: 45.0901115, 7.672939

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