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Ecofascism: From climate change denial to the search for new scapegoats – An interview with Francesca Santolini

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Torino, Italy

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September 26th at 19:00 in your time zone

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One percent of the population of our planet (its 63 million wealthiest inhabitants) has emitted twice as much CO2 into the atmosphere as the poorest 3 billion people on Earth.

It is the poor, those who derive their living from agriculture and the land, who are most affected by the consequences of climate change, facing ever more severe risks from extreme weather—and yet, the far right paints them as the problem. Climate migrants and refugees, whose numbers will only increase in a world that is literally on fire, are seen as invaders and theives of the territories and resources of wealthy nations.

It is no longer possible to deny the climate crisis, and yet, in the United States and Europe, we are witnessing the growth of a dangerous and outdated narrative that we thought had been rightly relegated to the dustbin of history, a narrative constantly in search of new scapegoats.

The people pushing this narrative appeal to an imagined link between ethnostates and their homelands (“blood and soil”), defend the environment on the basis of a revisionist cult of nature, blame ecological degradation on the people of the Global South, and violently resist progressive change. They are the new ecofascists.

Francesca Santolini is an environmental journalist. Einaudi recently published her book, Ecofascisti: Estrema destra e ambiente (Ecofascists: The far right and the environment).

This event is free and open to all who are interested. To participate, please book a spot on the website (just click on the “Register” button on the event page and leave your email address). We recommend arriving at the Arena 10 minutes before the start of the event. The organizers reserve the right to reassign your seat if you are not present within 5 minutes of the start.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is presented by Slow Food, the City of Turin, and the Piedmont Region. We look forward to seeing you at Parco Dora in Turin from Thursday, September 26 – Monday, September 30. Through food, we can rediscover ourselves as part of nature. #TerraMadre2024

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Piemonte – Torino - Parco Dora, Parco Dora – Sergio Staino Arena
Ingresso Corso Mortara - Torino (Italy)
GPS: 45.0901115, 7.672939

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