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A forest in every home

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Torino, Italy

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Even if you live in an apartment in a tall building in the middle of a city, there is a forest in your home. We don’t always realize it, but we all have a deep and indissoluble relationship with trees and forests, one that affects our lives every day.

For example, just think of what an extraordinary renewable material wood is. Had it been invented by a human being, they surely would have won a Nobel prize in chemistry, physics, maybe even peace. Wood is a material from our past, that has always been indispensable to our species, as well as a material for our future, fundamental to the transition toward ecological sustainability.

Forests, trees, and wood are precious resources that must be managed with care.

In this conference, we’ll take you into the woods and tell you about our ancient and extraordinary bond with forest environments, showing you how their resilience and ours are mutually entwined and reflecting on how vital it is to include trees in our vision for the future.


  • Giorgio Vacchiano is a researcher and professor in Forest Management and Planning at the University of Milan, studies simulation models to support sustainable forest management, mitigation, and adaptation to climate change and natural disturbances in European temperate forests. In 2018, the journal Nature named him among the world’s top 11 emerging researchers in the natural sciences. His book, La resilienza del bosco (The resilience of the forest), was published by Mondadori.
  • Luigi Torreggiani is a journalist and forester who writes for the scientific magazine Sherwood and manages communications for numerous projects related to sustainable forest management for Compagnia della Foreste.

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Piemonte – Torino - Parco Dora, Parco Dora – Sergio Staino Arena
Ingresso Corso Mortara - Torino (Italy)
GPS: 45.0901115, 7.672939

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