The Terra Madre conferences are the central stage for reflection on the event’s themes. In 2022 this is where we’ll develop the concept of regeneration.

The conferences aim to provide clear indications for the regeneration of our food system from the social, environmental and cultural point of view, as well as for our ecosystems: from the cities to the oceans, the forests to the great plains, at the individual, collective and institutional level.

Each of the conferences will revolve around a central question.

Regeneration: how and why?

  • Why are we talking about regenerating the food system? How can this regeneration respond to the climate, ecological and social emergencies we face?
  • What does regeneration mean for the food system on the agricultural level?
  • What does regeneration mean for the food system in terms of social justice and equity?
  • How can we regenerate the food system through our own choices?
  • How can we promote regeneration of the food system in our cities?


Among the speakers confirmed so far:

  • Telmo Pievani, philosopher, evolutionist and Professor of Philosophy of Biological Sciences at the Univeristy of Padua
  • Larissa Mies Bombardi, teacher at the faculty of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences at the University of São Paolo, with a particular focus on human and agricultural geography, who’s spent recent years studying the use agrochemical products in Brazil
  • Michael Moss, reporter for the New York Times and author of Salt Sugar Fat: How the food giants hooked us
  • Carolyn Steel, architect and author of Sitopia: how food can save the world, which offers a provocative vision of our prospects on an overcrowded, overheated planet
  • Elena Granata, associate professor of Urban Studies at the Polytechnic of Milan, author of Biodivercity, open, creative and sustainable cities that change the world for Slow Food Editore
  • Selma Dealdina, of the National Coordination of Rural Black and Quilombola Communities’ Articulation
  • Raj Patel, economist and food policy researcher, who once worked for the World Bank and the WTO before dedicating his work to campaigns against these very same organizations
  • Rupa Marya, doctor at the University of California and promoter of deep medicine.
  • Corinna Hawkes, Professor and Director of the Centre for Food Policy at City University London

In person and online

The five conferences are free to attend and will be held in the Kyoto Room of the Environment Park, in Turin, just a few minutes’ walk from Parco Dora.

For all those who cannot be there in person, the conferences will also be available online, where the audience will also be able to participate in surveys, quizzes and receive other reading materials.

Regeneration in the Arena

But that’s not all! Regeneration will be on the table at our meetings in the two Arenas dedicated to Gino Strada and Berta Cáceres, where members of the Slow Food network will share their experiences: among the Food Talks and other new formats to investigate specific topics and projects.

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