The Berta Cáceres Arena is named after the activist, who was murdered in 2016 for her struggles in defense of indigenous peoples and the environment.

It’s dedicated to the indigenous, youth and migration networks and certain value chains, like coffee, where Slow Food has created alliances between producers.

What are the connections between worlds seemingly so different? The protagonists of the Berta Berta Cáceres Arena will tell us.

The program at the Berta Cáceres Arena


Among the Forums, we offer several on coffee organized together with Lavazza. In one of them, dedicated to a project in Yemen, we show how coffee can be a catalyst for peace and prosperity.

We’ll explore the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, and give space to other thematic networks like Slow Fish and the Slow Wine Coalition, and hear about projects being developed by indigenous peoples in many countries around the world. We’ll show you how, by choosing and using indigenous foods in their own kitchens, cooks can help improve the food system, and spread knowledge about extraordinary products!

Food Talks

The Food Talks in the Berta Cáceres Arena are a place for the producers of the Slow Food network to share their stories. We’ll hear the story of Umar Bashir Ochen, a young indigenous Ugandan who struggles side by side with the Karamajong indigenous pastoralist community, and the story of Kung, a young Amis woman from Taiwan, who works with her family to preserve the traditional agriculture and food culture of her land.

We’ll also hear from Dali Nolasco Cruz, an indigenous Nahua woman from Mexico, a serrano chile grower and now member of the Slow Food International Board of Directors.

Terra Madre by Night

We will also have Press Conferences, RegenerActions organized by the Slow Food Youth Network, and Terra Madre by Night activities. There’ll also be opportunities to hear stories accompanied by indigenous music and wine from the Slow Wine Coalition.

Area Partners

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